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Reproducing and reposting all or any part of the contents on this site are prohibited.

Posting the ways to fold Renzuru is prohibited

Don’t make explanatory videos or pictures or other contents while referencing this site and post them on the web (including SNS, YouTube, etc.).

In the book – Hiden-Senbazuru-Orikata, there are not ways to make Renzuru in detail.
There are only one diagram and one painting against one model.

The ways in this site are original ways which I considered and created.
(I’ve considered and created how to fold each model while referencing diagrams and paintings in the book.)

So making explanatory things and posting them on the web are prohibited.
And distributing or selling them is prohibited too.

Distributing or selling is prohibited

Publishing or printing sentence and pictures of this site on something (including paper, PDF, etc.) and distributing or selling them are prohibited.

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