How to fold Sozi

Then fold the other square.

Fold four corners to the center point like this picture.

Make a star-shape like this picture.
Then make a bird-base so that the part which has been circled is changed to a wing.

This picture is halfway through.

Raise wings of the bird-base until height you can raise them because a completed crane is on a bird-base.

Fold the head/tail to the center.

In order to get harder to put pressure on connecting parts,
fold a head/tail to the center in the state of that wings of a bird-base are open a little like this picture.

Fold the other head/tail to the center.

After folding the two head/tail, raise them.
Angle the two head/tail a little like this picture because a completed crane is on a bird-base(another crane).

Then spread wings of the bottom crane like you flip them.

In this model, one side of a back of the bottom crane is connected to the top crane.

Make beaks while referencing this picture.

This is an enlarged picture of connecting parts.

Sozi is complete!

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