How to fold Mitsudomoe


What is Mitsudomoe?

“三巴/Mitsudomoe” is one model of 49 kinds of “連鶴/Renzuru”.

Renzuru means connected cranes are made of only one paper without glue and tape.

49 kinds of connected-cranes was in the book which is called “秘伝千羽鶴折形/Hiden-Senbazuru-Orikata”.
The book was published in 1797.

Difficulty level

— Total difficulty level —

— By item —
Easy to tear:・・・・・
Complexity :☆☆・・・
Hard to fold:・・・・

Completed Mitsudomoe

The diagram of Mitsudomoe

<reference>『Hiden-Senbazuru-Orikata』- was published in 1797

This diagram is marked with the two triangle.
Make this model while putting the marked square on top of the another marked square.

Preparation of an origami paper


a 15x15cm paper or it is bigger than 15cm.

・Basic origami paper
・Double sided origami paper
・Washi paper

Fold the paper in half in each direction.

After making creases, your paper should look like this picture.

Preparing an origami paper is Completed!

Make creases

Make the basic creases which are the green and blue lines in this picture at each square.

When making this model, make the basic creases at each yellow square in this picture.

This picture is after making the basic creases.

Please make sure whether there are creases which are the green and blue lines in the 2 picture ago at each square.

Cut the paper

Let’s cut your paper after making creases!

<reference>『Hiden-Senbazuru-Orikata』- was published in 1797

Cut the paper while referencing the diagram.

In the yellow circles, Cut the paper until quarter of length of the paper.

In the blue circle, Cut the paper until half of length of the paper.

Make sure the direction of each crane

Fold each paper so that where be drawn at the orange line is changed to wings.

After making sure the direction of each crane, next step is making Mitsudomoe.

If you try to make the models by yourself, I recommend that you don’t look at next page.

If you look at how to make them, please check next page!

Let’s make Mitsudomoe!

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