Diagram of Ougi


What is Ougi?

“扇/Ougi” is an original Renzuru model of this site – “Tsuru-no-Goshiki”.

Renzuru means connected-cranes which are made of only one paper without glue and tape.

Original models

I’ve posted only ways to prepare a paper for original models other than Temusubi.

Renzuru models which I posted how to make them are yellow thumbnails like the picture below.
If you are looking for those models, please look for them on the top page.

Difficulty level

— Total difficulty level —

— By item —
Tear easily :☆☆・・・
Complexity :☆☆・・・
Hard to fold:☆☆・・・

Completed Ougi


The diagram of Ougi

The diagram of Ougi

Preparation of an origami paper


a 17.5×17.5cm paper or it is bigger than 17.5cm.

・Basic origami paper
・Double sided origami paper
・Washi paper

Draw lines like this picture.
(Divide the paper in five.)

If you use a 17.5×17.5cm paper, the side of each square is 3.5cm.

After drawing lines, turn the paper over to make creases on the dotted lines.

Make creases on the dotted lines that you have drawn.

Make a crease along the line that you have drawn like this picture.

Then make a crease along the other line that you have drawn as well.

After making creases, it looks like this picture.

Preparing an origami paper is completed!

Make creases

Make basic-creases, which are the green lines and the blue lines in this picture, on each square in the paper.

Make basic-creases in each orange square.

This picture is taken after making basic-creases in each orange square.

Please make sure whether there are the creases, which are the green lines and the blue lines in the 2 pictures ago, in each yellow square.

Cut the paper

Cut your paper after making creases!

The diagram of Ougi

Cut the paper while referencing the diagram.

This is an enlarged picture.

If you make a cut so that connecting parts are a bit long, this model will be more beautiful.

I used a 17.5×17.5cm paper.
I left about 3mm for the length of the connecting part.

Make sure the direction of each crane

Make cranes so that the yellow lines are changed to wings.

Preparing a paper for Ougi is finished!

Make this model carefully while making sure the direction of each crane!

When folding circled squares,
make a crane while putting the circled square in the same color on top of the other.

After making all cranes, make beaks while referencing this picture.
(make beaks of small cranes so that small cranes face in the same direction as a big crane.)

When you post pictures of your completed Renzuru works on social media,
please write my website’s name – “Tsuru-no-Goshiki” or paste the link!

On Instagram, if you write “@ritsu_cranes”,
I will be able to see your works and glad!😀

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