How to fold Temusubi


What is Temusubi?

“手結び/Temusubi” is original model of this site – “鶴乃五色/Tsuru-no-Goshiki”.

Difficulty level

— Total difficulty level —

— By item —
Easy to tear:・・・・
Complexity :・・・・・
Hard to fold:・・・・・

Completed Temusubi

The diagram of Temusubi

The diagram of Temusubi『鶴乃五色/Tsuru-no-Goshiki』

Preparation of an origami paper


a 15x15cm paper or it is bigger than 15cm.

・Basic origami paper
・Double sided origami paper
・Washi paper

Fold the paper in half in each direction.

After making creases, cut the paper at the blue line.

Cut the paper like this picture.

Preparing an origami paper is Completed!

Make creases

Make the basic creases which are the green and blue lines in this picture at each square.

When making Temusubi, make the basic creases at each yellow square in this picture.

(On other page, there is how to make the basic creases in more detail when making Temusubi.
I will paste the link down below.)

How to crease for Imoseyama (1)Start with putting the paper like this picture and fold it ...

This picture is after making the basic creases.

Please make sure whether there are creases which are the green and blue lines in the 2 picture ago at each square.

Cut the paper

Let’s cut your paper after making creases!

The diagram of Temusubi『鶴乃五色/Tsuru-no-Goshiki』

Cut the paper while referencing the diagram.

This is the enlarged picture.

I used a 15x15cm paper.
I left about 3mm for the length at the part of being connected.

Make sure the direction of each crane

Fold each paper so that where be drawn at the yellow line is changed to wings.

After making sure the direction of each crane, next step is making Temusubi.

If you try to make the model by yourself, I recommend that you don’t look at next page.

If you look at how to make it, please check next page!

Let’s make Temusubi!

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